Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazing pictures of the largest cave in the world..!

Photograph by Carsten Peter
A Journey to the soles of our land that we do not know...
Often associated with the word "cave" in our minds... 
The darkness, bats and other horrible things. 
But these specifications do not apply at all to the cave Hang Dong Sun, 
which has become the largest cave in the world!
This spectacular cave is so large 
that it contains within it a vast forest and the River Gary!!
The exciting thing is that humidity inside the cave is so high 
that condensation leads to the formation of what 
looks like clouds in the sky of the cave!!

The 5th photo of the landscape gives a hint of what is happening... 
The whole landscape is limestone, 
but much of it has been "dissected" leaving the 
planar surface of (essentially) mud between relict mountains of the limestone. 
Rivers that originally ran across the landscape 
above the mountain tops gradually took 
fault- and joint-controlled routes to lower levels 
as the landscape rose, or sea levels fell, 
eventually leading to carving very large cave systems... 


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