Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girls are Angels on the Earth:

Girls are Angels on the Earth:

-Forward it Every Angel you know and every guy-
-So they can value all the Angels in their life-

Girls grow up listening to fairy tales.
And they are princess of their parents.
They realize slowly that
life is not a fairytale...and 
compromise with their lives 
just for an unknown person and his family,
leaves behind everything their family, friends, wishes.  
They find tears to be their best friends and guys call girls..
"All time crying dolls"...
Lucky are the guys
who don't have to leave anything
and who live a life given by their mom, sister and wife!!

...Thats why Girls are Angels on the Earth:

                                 ...Forward it...


  1. Hi Praveena
    I just loved the phrases on "Girls are ANGELS", "Life is crazy".... amazing and superb....... thinking through again and again....... sunk deep within my heart.
    Can you please help me to understand what is in the Telugu script. Shame on me for not being able to read my own MOTHER tongue... blessed are you to help me overcome my guilt... very very eager to understand what is in those beautiful telugu script... Lov Lakshmi Rao, Chennai

  2. Then you try Tinglish Lakshmi G!
    ...meeku telugu maatladite this...